Select shop store three taboo

entrepreneurship shop, store choice is very important, store selection time there are a lot of stress, some can choose, but some have to be careful re-election. So shop to choose the store to remember what? The following small series for you announced, I hope to help you choose the store business!

1. do not do business in the vicinity of the regular discount store:

if you shop business is a grade of the product, remember do not discount stores and often neighbors (some casual clothing stores, women jewelry stores, dollar stores and other similar stores); Birds of a feather flock together. The atmosphere is also the case, once the discount store lot to form a climate, no matter how good the goods are also difficult to get involved.


shop rent Shen arraignedThe so-called

3. put an end to second-hand landlord

when rental shops, original owners as far as possible to find the store sign; because through layers of hands of the shop, to renew the problem in terms of costs or later, there will be great risks; if the original owner leaves was significantly lower than the normal market rent, then you have to be careful, perhaps is the store property or store debt problems, there is the possibility of short-term relocation should also be taken into account; if the above after verification is no problem, it is lucky for you, you find somewhere touzhuoyue.


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