Fashion socks franchise stores to become the first choice

now society, small business has become the main theme of the rich, the whole society at the same time, a growing number of people have also embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, then the entrepreneurial wealth which have a good project, let’s look at.

with the start of the saturation of the market, more and more people choose the small and unique entrepreneurial projects, therefore, to open a fashion socks shop is a good choice, on the one hand, less investment and quick, on the other hand, each sock is one of the necessities of life, especially for the pursuit of fashion and personality of young now people love more unique, a taste of the socks, with cold weather, sock shop business will be getting better and better. So how to open a sock shop will be able to make money quickly, it turns out that surprisingly alternative way to make money than normal business. Young people are the main consumer groups fashion socks, the current fashion trend of fashion mix and match, the store’s business to bring good profits.

The design of each sock

used a classic pattern, polka dots, stripes, heart-shaped, flower or wave, there are 4 series: "traditional series", "amazing series", "avant-garde series" and "humor series". In addition, each sock has a special number, such as "amazing No. 4", or "Avant No. 25", this is a sock, like a baseball card collection, McDonald’s small toys, make people want to buy more to buy more. If you put together a set of 134 socks, can produce 8911 kinds of collocation. Imagine the following scenario – enough to wear a person for 24 consecutive years, every day is not a repeat of the match can also be worn for a period of 67 days, do not wash socks.

A, fashion socks shop business strategy

1, fashion socks to lock target customers

the shop’s target customers are those of the so-called "consistent" and "symmetry" fashion rules a person. Therefore, the sale of socks, do not need any matching guide book, how to match how to match, how many people wear, there are many possible.

2, open fashion socks shop to find a good shop

3, fashion socks store sales means to novel

recommended to buy more and more concessions to the principle of the 1, 3, 5 socks, 7 odd packaging. In addition, the owner and the sales personnel necessary to defy the law, they wear the mix of socks, wearing them to see clients like a living sign block.

The operating cost

two, fashion socks shop

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