Emotional adjustment is effective in the prevention of breast hyperplasia ‘s health netwo

the probability of breast hyperplasia into cancer is very small

in a routine physical examination, many women have been reminded by the doctor: "some of your breast hyperplasia ah." This makes a lot of women very nervous, fear and breast cancer hook. Experts believe that we need not be so nervous, the hyperplasia of the breast cancer evolution probability is very small, as long as the attention to adjust their emotions, relieve pressure, coupled with some treatment of breast hyperplasia is not a threat to the health of the.

70% to 90% of women with breast hyperplasia

according to experts, from the current situation, the incidence of breast hyperplasia has been showing an upward trend. In the past, this problem is mostly more than 20 years of age to the age of about 50 women, but now there is a significant increase in patients with breast hyperplasia in young girls are not uncommon. Patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands are mainly young and middle-aged women. Although not universal, in this specific investigation, but from the outpatient medical hospital, with breast hyperplasia of women can be accounted for all women to check 70% to 90%, so it seems that the incidence rate is very high.

mental factors have a great influence on

causes the proliferation of breast is very complex, so far, the views of experts are not exactly the same, but there are two factors that we all agree. One is endocrine disorders, if the amount of hormones secreted by the female body in the ovary is not normal, it is prone to this problem. Endocrine disorders, as well as excessive menstrual flow or too little, menstrual is not very accurate, etc..

another important factor is the mental factors. We used to live almost the same day, do the same work, take the same money, not too many conflicts of interest. Now is different, the society is progressing unceasingly, each person’s treatment, the opportunity is different, it is very difficult to maintain the peace of mind. Moreover, modern people’s spiritual pressure generally greatly, the social requirements of each person are improving, while women work, interpersonal relationship and family status may no longer smooth, but full of changes in the factors, resulting in some women caused by mental factors, endocrine disorders, autonomic disorders, sleep good night, grumpy, these will have adverse effects on the breast. And now, people eat well, also a lot of high blood pressure and high blood sugar disease, it is also easy to make the female endocrine disorders, estrogen and progesterone levels and glandular structures are a certain degree of disorder.

monthly breast self-examination is very important

for women, breast self-examination is very important. We should find a time to lie or sit down for a month, with 4 fingers together, flat stroked their breast, feel any part of a foreign body sensation, if you didn’t feel peace will may be long nodule position.

check the time to pay special attention to the outside of the breast, because the site of the largest glands, 45% of breast hyperplasia will occur here. >

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