Catering people must see how to head back to the customer for the repeat customers

catering industry competition is very intense, in order to retain the diners, catering businesses are doing their best, and how can you turn strange guest into your loyal powder it? This is naturally a trick.

is known as "the world’s greatest salesman Joe Gilad, 15 years his way to the retail sales of 13001 vehicles, including 1300 cars sold an average of 6 years, the record has been broken. He believes that the first car sold to customers is only the beginning of a long-term partnership, if a single transaction can not bring many times after the business, marketing is a failure. More than 65% of transactions from old customers to buy again.

how to classify the customers?

What kind of restaurant is

according to the current situation analysis and consumer trends Chinese catering industry, combined with the customer consumption frequency and loyalty, customer can be divided into "traveler", "individual" and "regulars", "customer loyalty". Namely:

According to the definition of

regulars: often the consumer to shop customers, have higher brand loyalty.


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