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when the best breast effect

green papaya, peanuts, fish, milk, pork and eggs beans rich in protein, collagen, high fat diet, the body can ingest daily required nutrition, and can promote hormone secretion, activation of breast health cells, so that the chest is more strong, the body becomes better, can protect the chest of a multiplier.

breast Recipes: red dates Peanut Stew Pork

in daily life with breast therapeutic and breast massage, can make the chest line more beautiful, to be big and strong, small and rounded, as long as the use of the method, the breast is no longer just a dream!

how to make chest better

would like to make the chest becomes the most effective strong, it is necessary to grasp the female hormone secretion cycle. Female hormone is the most exuberant physiological period, the use of this cycle can reach the effect of breast.

Kelly Lin, Yuku Hsu, etc. are eating papaya breast

girls in puberty before the development of the mammary gland almost stagnant state, until the development period, affected by hormones, breast and fibrous tissue began to expand into shape.

usually for deep massage the chest, can also stimulate the deep skin tissue, stimulate the skin of the fiber cells, and effectively improve the relaxation of the chest, especially helpful for breast. In every night before going to bed coated with an appropriate amount of chest special essence, with both hands thumb surrounded by chest circumference, gently push from outside to inside. Then the pulp from the under bust up at first, chest, neck position, repeated several times, can make breasts firmer looking. Of course, the use of advanced equipment with high efficiency products for deep massage, breast enhancement effect can be more obvious, more satisfied.

peanut >

which is regarded as the green papaya breast Jiapin, because papaya is rich in papaya enzymes (papain), inhormone and rich in vitamin A of this enzyme, can stimulate female hormone secretion, and can stimulate the secretion of ovarian estrogen, useful for breast development, so as to achieve the purpose of breast. The green papaya than cooked papaya two times, so if you want to have an ideal breast enhancement effect, the green papaya, I heard Kelly Lin, Yuku Hsu and so on is to eat papaya breast enhancement?!

In addition,

until the age of 25 or so, the development of the chest has almost been finalized. But since then, the breast is affected by aging and the external environment, and gradually lose the ability to support and soft sagging, poor elasticity of the skin to produce wrinkles, the chest lost strong elasticity. So whether you reach adolescence, maturity or menopause, should also take good care of breast, breast eat food utensils effect.

in general, in the period after eleventh to 13 days before ovulation is, there are eighteenth to 23 days after ovulation in the two period of the best, because the estrogen hormone secretion is more, larger effects on the body. As long as the intake of nutrients during this period of breast rich food, want to increase the size of the chest, is not difficult.

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