Chocolate cake chain store how to join

is more popular in our side of the bakery has an ultra port, and chocolate. These are already formed a good market cake chain stores in the market reputation is better. Xiao Bian today I specifically recommend "lucky" brand.

"lucky" brand was founded in 2000, the 2000 new year’s Day Chocolate supermarket chain Co. Ltd, engaged in the supermarket chain management, under the leadership of the board, "lucky" become a well-known retail chain brand area. March 2005, the company began the implementation of industrial restructuring and development, into the bakery industry. The company headquarters, set up a chocolate food co.. "Chocolate cake" is a chocolate limited company of food chain stores. "Lucky" products are located in the focus on quality of life and fashion taste, health conscious consumer market.

"chocolate cake" is the company owned chain store name, "chocolate" is a registered trademark by the State Administration for Industry and commerce registration, "lucky" trademark has been named two consecutive "famous trademark".

to December 2012, "chocolate cake" in Wuhan, Changsha, Zhengzhou and Hefei to open 171 chain stores. "Create fashion, delicate, healthy, rich life". The company not only create baking chocolate is to create a delicacy, an art of living, to win those who pay attention to the quality of life and taste, the baked food has fully affirmed the high level of appreciation of consumers. How chocolate cakes join? Join those? The following small simple introduction to join case the chocolate.

chocolate cake procedure:

1, the intention of customers to the company’s products, brands, such as all-round investigation;

2, the intention to submit the application form;

3, China Merchants Department for qualification examination;

4, confirm the application cooperation, signed the contract;

5, China Merchants Department for site approval;

6, the design department to provide renovation programs and guidance;

7, marketing distribution and the opening of the preparatory work before the guidance of


8, product and business training for investors and employees;

9, trial operation official operation.

chocolate cake franchise:

1. intends to invest in entrepreneurial experience;

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