After the car market thinking change efficiency is the last word

said in 2015 compared to the fire industry, the car is definitely regarded as a post market, but also a lot of entrepreneurs favor a treasure". Want to treasure Nuggets here, we must understand the car after the market thinking change: efficiency is the last word.

2015 years after the car market after another round of Internet business trend, although not enthusiasm, but many companies are like the wind blown a paper tiger, splinters. Up to now, no one can really move this trillion jinding. Even a listed company holds "Kung Fu high, money can also hit a" mentality into, but eventually return in low spirits.

1. pain points to get accurate, in order to maximize the value of

for the downstream, in addition to reduce procurement costs, downstream users scattered, lack of supply logistics platform, long cycle and so on after all is "efficiency". So the pain point is the urgent need to improve the turnover rate, as well as the efficiency of downstream users.

A. service shop through the line expansion, driving force and great influence on the development of supply chain will, when you have 10, 100 stores, may not have much effect, when you have five hundred stores that purchasing supply chain control will greatly lower the end, and hard enough right to speak.

Service shop

B. line also has an important function of storage, line shop cover

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