The greater the woman’s chest the higher the risk of diabetes ‘s health network

5 arm short: Alzheimer’s risk. In a study published in the journal Neurology, women who have less than 1.52 meters of arm stretch are at a risk of Alzheimer’s disease by more than a factor of 1.5. Preventive measures: hobbies such as painting or pottery can help to improve the flexibility of the arm and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

3 legs short: beware of liver disease. In a study published in the Journal of epidemiology and community health, women with a leg length between 51 and 74 cm were more likely to have higher levels of liver enzymes than other women, according to a study published in the Journal of epidemiology and community health. Preventive measures: wear a mask and gloves before exposure to toxic chemicals. Control the amount of alcohol consumed per day, wine and beer were not more than 142 grams and 340 grams.

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2 height of more than 157.5 cm: may lack longevity gene. "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" published a study found that more than 157.5 cm tall women may contribute to the lack of a longevity gene mutation. Preventive measures: do not smoke, drink less and less meat and other health habits beneficial longevity.

6: cardiovascular risk greater earlobe crease. "American Journal of medicine" published a study found that a crease on the earlobe, risk of cardiovascular disease increased by 33%; two are earlobe creases, cardiovascular risk will increase 77%. Preventive measures: through weight loss, lower blood pressure, blood lipids and other ways to protect the heart health.

8: breast more susceptible to diabetes. The bigger the chest, the higher the risk of diabetes. The Canadian Medical Association Journal published a 10 year study found that the greater the chest, the higher the risk of diabetes. Preventive measures: high intensity intermittent exercise. For example, fixed the bike 6 times, each time 30 seconds.

7 waist: bigger and more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease. "Neurology" magazine published a study that, at the age of more than and 40 at the age of more than and 70 big belly will lead to Alzheimer’s disease risk increased 3.6 times. Preventive measures: learn to use the Mediterranean diet. Olives, nuts, seeds, avocado, chocolate and other food monounsaturated fatty acid can prevent fat accumulation.

1 index finger shorter than the ring finger: Women prone to knee arthritis. In a study published in the journal Arthritis and rheumatism, women who have an index finger shorter than the ring finger are two times more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis. Preventive measures: strengthen the muscles around the knee. Sitting in a chair, legs straight and parallel to the floor, keep 5 to 10 seconds, a total of 10 times.

4 poor sense of smell: Parkinson’s disease. "Neurology Yearbook" published a study found that the risk is difficult to distinguish banana, lemon, cinnamon or other odor of old man 4 years suffering from Parkinson’s disease is 5 times higher than the normal elderly. Olfactory injury is usually 2 to 7 years earlier than Parkinson’s disease. Prevention: taking fish oil supplements may help prevent Parkinson’s disease.

may be a precursor to potential health problems. The magazine’s latest paper published the "prevention", indicates that the 10 kinds of potential disease physical characteristics.

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