Yurun cold meat join leading fashion

in our lives, there is always a demand for meat. How rain cold meat? Delicious. In fact, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development space choice. Yurun cold meat to join, worthy of you!

in the Shanghai market, Yurun cold meat stores in recent years, with the average monthly growth of 15 of the warlords. The franchise’s reputation, Yurun brand effect, the brand support, laid the irreplaceable Yurun cold meat market position. The more than 10 thousand Yurun stores, unified image of "monopoly store has received Yurun" highly trusted by customers, which attracted a large number of consumers continue to buy. Mentioned in various size Yurun Food market, consumer will feel very familiar with them in the selection of cold meat brand, the first brand of cold meat is that they tend to rain.

cold meat Yurun brand oriented, to the food industry is ethical industry "concept, think of hundreds of millions of consumers offer healthy and delicious food for the purpose, relying on the country scale, modern slaughter factory, Everfount to provide quality products to the market.

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, cold meat in low temperature, not only overcome the hot meat, frozen meat in the quality of the deficiencies and defects, but also inhibit the growth and reproduction of most microorganisms. Developed countries in the last century in 20s and 30s began to promote cold meat, cold meat has accounted for about 90% of fresh pork consumption. Experts predict that in our country, a few years will become the main meat of the major cold supermarket". Food safety is related to people life safety, for people to provide safe meat products, Yurun according to their own characteristics, creatively put forward the concept of the whole industry chain management, meat dish industry: longitudinal feed, breeding, planting, covering breeding, slaughtering, processing, fresh and cooked food chain Monopoly and e-commerce; the lateral extension to the bio pharmaceutical, cold chain logistics, agricultural products electronic trading platform; industry throughout the pig, cattle and sheep, chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, become from field to table the whole chain of business enterprises. It is in the whole industry chain of the core concept of operation, Yurun Food in low temperature meat, cold meat market share for many years are ranked first, with strong brand influence leading the development direction of meat consumption market.

has a unique taste, always very popular. Join Yurun cold meat project, if you are very interested in your message, welcome consultation!

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