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only about 15%-20% of breast cancer patients have a family history. Even in this proportion, not necessarily the role of genes. Sometimes the common cause of the disease is a similar lifestyle, behavior, and eating habits among relatives.



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It’s not that you have the risk of a genetic mutation in a family with

rumor 1 breast cancer once found, the tumor must be immediately removed, otherwise it will soon spread.

does not have a way to prevent breast cancer, but you can reduce the risk of exercise, weight control and alcohol restriction. People at high risk should have an annual breast exam. Women who have a high risk of having a family history, or a biopsy showing atypical cells, should consider taking anti estrogen drugs.

rumor 2 most women with breast cancer have a family history.

rumor 3 if you don’t have any risk factors, you won’t get breast cancer.


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side came the news of age suffering from breast cancer, you will not have to worry that they have the same experiences? Wake up around the breast has changed, not the mass, but is likely canceration? Let us experts together to explore the truth of breast cancer and

rumor 4 breast cancer is the first signal is a painless mass

a lot of women are eager for breast examination, the purpose is to find the masses. But we should also pay attention to any thickening of the breast

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only a handful of cases are rapidly spreading tumors that require immediate action. In general, breast cancer is slower than most other cancers. By examining the breast cancer, the cancer cells have basically been in the breast for 3-15 years.

have no known cause. However, if there are conditions, the risk of breast cancer is still high: your family have had breast cancer; never give birth or 30 years after the birth of every day; drinking more than once; menstruation begins to younger or late menopause; postmenopausal overweight or sedentary habits.

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, or that the gene will cause cancer and that one day it will happen. But it’s important to know your family history and to do breast cancer.

most of the time, take a few weeks to look at your other options, which is absolutely beneficial, such as the use of breast conserving therapy, rather than total breast resection. You can also use this time to ask for advice from other doctors, so you can give yourself plenty of time to adjust.

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