How to invest in film business

automotive supplies industry promising, if you want to do good business profits, choose to invest in film products also have advantages, many operators do not know how to promote sales, then Xiaobian compiled the relevant information for your reference, not to be missed.

2016 shop for the project selection of film business, film for home window glass, can make the room temperature 3 to 6 DEG C, but also like the film as isolated UV, anti spy, enhance private air conditioning capacity, safety explosion-proof function etc.. According to the different quality of the film, ranging from 80 to $200 per square meter, mainly for high-end market.

2016 shop for the project selection of film business tips

1. promote unfamiliar consumption habits is not easy, you can try to start from the high-end residential. Here the household consumption level is high, and they are willing to try something new, high quality network, once a breakthrough, the original free customers become the "commercial" high risk, "to the old with the new discount" strategy.

2. colleges and universities can also be classified as the focus of the sales area, because the teacher’s strong environmental concept, willing to invest in low-carbon life.

3. families are usually selected by the hostess glass film, you can introduce a number of decorative role of the film, both heat insulation and beautiful color film can be favored by housewives.

film products do profitable business investment, you can choose a variety of business comprehensive sales headquarters, the strength of helping, so you can get more profit, do not miss a good opportunity to create wealth, to seize the good opportunities!

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