What are the conditions of Flaming Mountains barbecue

is a Flaming Mountains barbecue catering projects more popular recently, is a popular demand for healthy eating food items, if you want to join the Flaming Mountains brazier barbecue are what conditions need to be met?

at the Flaming Mountains VS sizzied barbecue barbecue shop, colorful dishes, barbecue style encounter tongue! Let you fully feel the charm of the barbecue, wandering in the world of delicacy to extricate themselves. Fashion fish, grilled shrimp features. The store has a unique style of decoration, welcome to the young fashion you come to Flaming Mountains barbecue shop to enjoy delicious barbecue.

Flaming Mountains is currently a brazier grill hot grill. With the rapid development of "Flaming Mountains" in China, the promotion of a healthy fashion barbecue fashion, high-quality service to allow consumers to enjoy the Korean food culture. As the leading enterprises in the barbecue industry of Flaming Mountains group, after years of efforts, the country currently has a number of regional branches, a total of more than 100 stores.

Flaming Mountains barbecue join conditions


Flaming Mountains barbecue meat did not advance simmered in order to keep on, good taste, mainly in acid Hallasan barbecue beef, beef fillet, sirloin steak, beef tongue, etc., its meat is delicious and tender, let each tasted who will relish. What specific requirements do you need to join the Flaming Mountains?

1, able to operate in the business philosophy, operation mode, management system and other aspects of consensus with the headquarters and obey the headquarters management.

2, with certain capital and management experience.

3, with good social resources and public relations.

4, with brand awareness, keen on the service industry.

if you meet the above conditions, and would like to join, then please visit our website below the message bar! We will contact you at the first time when we see the message.

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