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in the Chinese tradition, tribute tea have been a classic drink, in fact, tribute tea has a long history in our country, the consumer market is very broad, with Sigong friction tea as high-end tribute tea, over the years, with headquarter Sigong friction tea products always adhere to the quality, with a heart for consumers to tea, tea with Sigong friction friction with excellent reputation, Sigong tea franchise headquarters market in-depth understanding of consumer needs, trustworthy.


] Sigong tea how with friction


2012, click Sigong formally enter the mainland Moldova tea drinks market. Dr Sigong Ka tea after landing in Guangzhou, first of all to the campus as the center, to cater to the campus culture consumption theme, produced excellent word-of-mouth and influence. Taiwan Ka Sigong tea again rub hot landing, with its unique products and fashion temperament, will set off a frenzy of tea culture leisure.

[] Sigong tea market analysis with friction

Ka Sigong friction tea is the representative brand of high-quality tea, after years of efforts successy launched hundreds of special tribute tea products, rich product line throughout the year there are new, fresh delicacy in front of temptation moment, friction with tribute tea more than 100 kinds of products for you to choose a variety of flavors, with your skin with collocation! The classic mix of Seasons Hot make


[] Sigong tea franchise friction with

1, aged 20 and 2, a person of noble aspirations; friction with Sigong tea brand identity concept; 3, pay attention to the quality of the tea lovers; 4, a strong entrepreneurial enthusiasm and ambition; 5, have enough investment in the development of new sources of funds, investment and business to -time.

in the modern life, with Sigong friction tea is already a lot of people cannot do without tea, as a fashion of tea, tea with Sigong friction continues to improve the production process, with Sigong headquarter more friction tea is made up of many kinds of delicious raw materials into Sigong tea stores with friction friction with the business is hot, Sigong tea make and sell, taste fresh, investors can rest assured to drink brand.

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