After doing business selling promotion may wish to take the initiative to seize the

the same goods, if the owners can not grasp the selling point, naturally no way for promotion, want to sell it is difficult to do. Therefore, if you want to do a good business, not only need to seize the selling point of goods, but also need to be able to actively promote, so as to ensure that the store business.

once I went to the market to buy food, saw a booth is very lively, then gathered in the past. This booth is selling cabbage, tricycle placed next to a brand, there are a lot of pictures, the car stood a man holding a radio and then shouted: "please everyone come to see, this is the European Sun Village head of pollution-free vegetable planting base of cabbage, these dishes from planting to a pesticide harvest without playing, is absolutely pollution-free, is used on vegetables with protective net, isolation of plant diseases and insect pests. Now people are healthy consumption, spend the same money, buy peace of mind, eat at ease, everyone said, is not it?"

men seize the "nuisance" this selling point of the shouting, surrounded by consumers have gathered around, you two he picked up the three. I was also illustrated by the interpretation of the mind, and thought: "the price is not expensive, why spend the same money do not buy pollution-free?" So I bought two. On the way back, long stalls sell a lot of cabbage, but the front door stand empty without customers, and in front of a lively scene in stark contrast.

see this scene, I suddenly think of their own business, why are also doing retail, others can sell very well, and they often complain that no customer business is not good to do? Especially for the low tar cigarette market era, the customer does not accept, I am also emotional slack left unchecked, why not like the buy food stall as active point? It is not a good selling point to know that low tar cigarettes are less harmful than high tar cigarettes

then went home and started to rectify the cigarette counter. First, increase the varieties of low tar cigarette brands, the low tar brand establish a separate display style, and wrote a guide language, mainly introduces low coke low tar cigarette low harm concept, as well as brand introduction and brand characteristics. When the customer temporarily found the intention to buy cigarettes, I will seize the low coke harm, favorable to the health of this selling point, the initiative to recommend to consumers.

if you want to get their own products more popular hot, but also need to seize the selling point of goods, so as to really attract consumers. While the low tar cigarette era, as a cigarette retail sales, as long as the correct use of recommended their skills, publicity from the display style, skills, and actively promote to make some changes, will achieve a multiplier effect.

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