How to join the Tianjin Goubuli

joined the brand in Tianjin Goubuli buns as a time-honored brand, has been in the hearts of the people occupy a very high position. Tianjin Goubuli Group Co. Ltd is the only legal person registered trademark and trademark Goubuli "service, production series of Shandong, Goubuli buns and Tianjin cuisine has nearly one hundred and fifty years of history, famous at home and abroad, and in the long-term production and management have created a unique" dog ignore "system.

, the world-renowned Goubuli group well-known, far and near "Goubuli" is the Tianjin Centennial gold medal time-honored, is a model of Chinese food culture. Chinese and foreign tourists to Tianjin not eat Goubuli steamed bun, is not to Beijing on the the Badaling Great Wall, it is a pity. Today, after the vicissitudes of the 1.5 century, "Goubuli" for the development of "Goubuli" and the world famous national brand, Goubuli group on 1992 formally established, after the successful restructuring, expansion, Goubuli group has developed into a diversified enterprise group corporate culture, organizational structure, heavy scientific strength, good reputation Tianjin City restaurant industry, established the leading position. "Goubuli" owns the high-end hotel industry, operating the fields of logistics, Chinese fast food, frozen food, breeding base, new product development, training schools and other formats.

how to join the Tianjin Goubuli?

Tianjin Goubuli joining process introduction

1. join consulting

investment intentions can be via e-mail, telephone, visit the site or directly to the headquarters of my own taste, investigation.

2. join application

with the appropriate investment capacity, management capacity and suitable operating stores, you can submit the application to the headquarters. According to the basic conditions for regional headquarters to join and the applicant’s approval, at the same time, applicants can also go to the headquarters for detailed investigation, in order to the headquarters of the investment activities have a more comprehensive and intuitive understanding of.

3. signed a contract to join

contract is based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties. The franchisee to apply and obtain the approval of the headquarters, signed a contract to join the book, for the franchisee according to chain store office to the headquarters level, one-time pay the corresponding fee (to join the brand use fee, technology transfer fee).

4. unified store renovation

signed a contract to join the store that entered the stage of the renovation of the tight stores. According to the unified headquarters of the United States and the United States and the United States to develop a fast food chain

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