nnovation base overseas do not miss Shenyang started out of the new Business

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the call, a lot of people go on the road of entrepreneurship and innovation, although the development in the domestic market began to like a raging fire, but for the majority of overseas Chinese have no action! In response to this phenomenon, the city of Shenyang will build overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship base, build an international competitiveness of the northeast region of high-end talent gathering center. Base construction will be in accordance with the principle of "do not seek, do not ask for all, but to use" principle".

at home and abroad for the open environment and rely on the advantages of the system, to provide investment liberalization, trade facilitation, protection of the rights and interests of internationalization, tariff concessions, service charges, security benefits, science and technology award treatment, international intellectual property protection treatment policies and measures to build innovation space platform, international talent exchange platform, international financial services platform.

in the development of economy, innovation base overseas is not missed, Shenyang showed his new tactics. At the same time, in order to match, sea sea fair, which forum three brand activities, Sino German Shenyang equipment manufacturing industrial park, Shenyang International Software Park, Shenyang Jin new economy industrial park, SIASUN robot Innovation Lab four innovation base as the carrier, perfecting the talent resources safeguard mechanism, establish guidance funds, the implementation of market-oriented talent identification the mechanism, establish collaborative linkage mechanism to promote and attract overseas high-end talent to Shen entrepreneurship. It is reported that the city of science and technology of Shenyang State University will provide 15 thousand square meters as incubators Haichuang match quality projects, the site located in Shenyang international software park.

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