To understand the affordable goods shops operating hide

should not be doing business in the customer’s favorite products placed in a conspicuous place? Also need some of the benefits of goods to hide it? A lot of people do not understand such business skills, in fact, this is a very suitable business experience in the business, to help operators better business oh.

recently, the reporter found in a supermarket shopping often, popular common vegetable area "retreat", and the original boutique vegetables exchanging places. Such a customer into the supermarket to see the first packaging is fine, the display of a neat brand of vegetables, to choose affordable ordinary vegetables to go a few steps. The location of the exchange, the popularity of the general vegetable area has not weakened, and few people stop before the boutique vegetable area also received more attention.

reporter can not help for the "supermarket exchange" technique, good good use in the steel blade, the gold display position for fine vegetables, can undoubtedly promote the fine vegetable sales, so as to improve store profit level.

daily shopping process, the reporter found that the individual shop owner would like to put the benefits of goods placed in the doorway, which is actually a waste of display resources. What is more, do not consider the value of the goods, the value of the display of resources, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, toilet paper and other low profit goods placed in a prominent position in the doorway.

in fact, in order to attract popularity, the store should have some of the benefits of goods, but these goods should not occupy the store’s gold display location, occupy too much display resources. Smart owner may wish to store the affordable goods hidden up, the position of gold to give up a large contribution to the profits of goods.

in fact, these affordable goods even if the owner is to hide up, is still loved by customers, often sales will not be much change. On the contrary, some of the usual unpopular items placed in a prominent position, but let people in the search for affordable goods will pay attention to, so as to buy. So, intentions planning commodity display, I believe can bring more revenue for the store.

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