CBC North Branch of the city by the Bayi machine condolences area officers and soldiers

Chinese in the people’s Liberation Army 85 anniversary approaching, the North Branch of ICBC for leadership on behalf of all staff to extend holiday for another 68062 troops, 96374 soldiers greetings, thank you for a long time and give the support. At the same time, the opportunity to visit, in-depth understanding of the business needs of the troops, to solicit opinions and suggestions on the work of the service of the line; the army chief also expressed gratitude to the behavior of the troops to provide high-quality, fast service. At the same time, this paper introduces the situation of the army officers and soldiers, and puts forward some suggestions for further strengthening the contact between the two sides and broadening the field of communication.

through visits condolences to further enhance the credibility and satisfaction of the military to the industrial and Commercial Bank of customers, but also will further promote the north of the city and the relationship between the garrison area of a comprehensive, in-depth development.

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