Lack of care of the river landscape with the owner

on the 4 day, evening B05 version of "river landscape so dilapidated public distressed paper reported a" Huangshui River north riverside road green belt in a lot of trees have withered, and some stones around the corridor under the slope side, filled with garbage, river landscape environment elegant built into the original capital of the relevant departments, has now become a no management of the wild weeds, let people feel distressed, it was published, caused by the Municipal Bureau of river management level and try again.

according to the Municipal Bureau of river management person in charge, because early reporters have to reflect the situation of the river management, 4 day work management, immediately organized staff to the riverside road north of the Huangshui River green belt watering, and clean up the garbage and debris in the green belt, after 4 days of clean, green with the appearance of improved. River management and Animal Husbandry Bureau of water in east area of contact, will be carried out to reflect, communicate, and will be the city of animal husbandry and Water Bureau, East Lin Jiaya Office of three units to the scene to see, the management unit to determine the Linjiaya office here for the green belt. Because now the weather is not conducive to replant trees, until the autumn planting, will replant on the green belt in dead trees. In the future will be delineated in accordance with the jurisdiction of the various management units to strengthen the management of the green belt.


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