5A Kumbum Monastery Qinghai to the world business card

  Kumbum Monastery scenic area China highest successful promotion level 5A level, this is a victory, a kind of joy, this is like Kumbum Monastery scenic spot should enjoy the honor, it is the province after another to the world of the golden name card.

victory is not easy. We know that the quality of China’s tourist attractions are divided into five grades, 5A is the highest level of national tourist attractions honor, representing the world’s tourism quality and the quality of China’s tourist attractions benchmark. So, the declaration of the 5A through the scenic tourist traffic, tourist area, tourist safety and reception ability of 12 hurdle test, selection of difficulty coefficient is not less than the declared world heritage, even more than the difficulty of applying for world heritage. Huangzhong county Party committee and government from the beginning of last year to set the power of the county, to bring the wisdom of the people embarked on a difficult path to create.

Kumbum Monastery scenic area in the national 5A level scenic spots is a major breakthrough in Huangzhong and Qinghai in the history of tourism development, not only marks the Kumbum Monastery scenic area into the national tourism scenic area the highest level of development sequence, also marks the Kumbum Monastery scenic area has become a veritable "state to the international tourism name card", promote regional coordinated development the economy of radiation will play an important role, become a major event in the province.


high starting point to create a successful foundation

Kumbum Monastery scenic spot is the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism China (Huang Jiao), one of the six major monasteries of the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, the first batch of national 4A class tourist attractions, the tourism industry of our province is the trump card and landmark area, is the province’s Premier of this kind of scenic places of historic interest and scenic beauty, which has the highest honor China scenic spots.

October 2011, Huangzhong county government to the National Tourism Administration formally submitted to the Kumbum Monastery to create a national 5A level scenic spots and application, in strict accordance with the "classification and evaluation" national tourism scenic quality rating standards, set the wisdom of the nation, held the power, high standards and high quality to carry out a comprehensive Kumbum Monastery 5A national tourism scenic area to create work.

as the economy is relatively backward province, declare 5A scenic spot in Huangzhong county and the difficulty as can be imagined, not to be intimidated by the difficulties, in order to solve some problems in the rectification, and strive to a high standard, high starting point, the County Commission, Beijing Jing Yuan and rural planning and Design Institute of the Kumbum Monastery scenic area system create a national 5A class tourist attractions and solutions a rectification plan, and invited the experts of the National Tourism Administration program;

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