Common mistakes in brand marketing

when buying goods, brand awareness is very strong, if it is to do business to do such business, is not very easy, more and more channels of brand marketing, but the change of marketing channels of the contact point will interact between user and the participation of the brand influence, this the marketing even experienced marketers will inadvertently hurt the brand user experience for everyone to share the following examples and comments, we can see oh!

1. abuse user survey

case description: I believe that many people have encountered such a situation, when visiting a website only a few seconds, suddenly jumped out of the pop-up window lets you jump, and the purpose is to ask you to participate in a survey for the marketing staff, have become accustomed to, but from the user’s perspective, in they simply have no experience before allowing them to submit the investigation information, this is not nonsense!

review: indeed, the investigation, testing and progressive analysis for the collection of more user preferences and personal information to promote user participation in brand interaction is very effective. However, when this method is used too often, too long or across multiple departments, may cause abuse, and abuse of the investigation of the brand image and user interaction is very unfavorable. So, what can you do? Webpower Chinese area, before the initiation of an investigation, carefully consider the purpose, time and frequency of investigation, as well as coordination between different departments and channels, to help users successfully participated in the survey.

2. fictional urgency

case description: some time ago I in the decoration of the new house, my wife was looking for some new furniture, when she received a letter sent from a well-known Home Furnishing products company to invite her to the deadline for the brand of this weekend’s "clearance sale" activities of the mail, the weekend she was very happy to buy their own love the furniture, and he did not miss this rare opportunity very fortunate. But the tragedy is that in the next week, she also received from the brand of "clearance sale" message, deadline for this weekend. She had a good mood before shopping suddenly no


3. does not use user preferences and interest information

case description: are you through the preference survey, voting center, or even in the way of customer service email, SMS, or even direct mail marketing channels such as to provide customers with preference and interest of information? I have a particular brand in a category I to update shoes, clothing and bags interest, but then I received the message content is not my current interest, the shopping experience and browsing history.


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