Explore the hottest festival of Cultural Tourism Festival

when passion and dreams collide……

when festivals and culture……

when inheritance and development……

when the 2015 Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival is coming, everything is so natural, here is the blending of Korean culture, there is a "stone meeting" the stone exhibition, there are Art Treasures Exhibition, there are more people love and the pursuit of folk artists. Today, the evening news reporter will take you to search for the most hot face of the Cultural Tourism Festival –

faces a: flowers will inherit the human


: Ma Delin

business card: national intangible cultural heritage Datong master mountain flowers will inherit

from Datong Hui flowers singer Ma Delin a voice, the audience will burst into applause. As a national intangible cultural heritage inheritors, he has many fans of the biggest names". A lot of flowers many under said, I came here just to hear the horse Delin singing.

as a result of the persistent love of flowers in Qinghai, there is a time, Ma Delin went to gather around the Qinghai flower words. His spare time, he often appeared in the shadow of the flowers around the venue, he not only likes to sing, prefer to organize and create. From the beginning of 1987 creation of flowers, looking for the historical data, the use of spare time for 17 years, to create a myth of Pangu from start to the revolution of 1911, so far to history on kiheung. Flowers of more than 1 thousand, and in June 2003 by the Qinghai people’s publishing agency published. February 2008, was approved by the Ministry of culture as a national intangible cultural heritage Datong master mountain flowers will inherit and win.


talked about the artistic value of flowers, he said: "as the art of the ten ethnic minorities in Northwest China, the flowers are the language of diamonds and the vegetation of our hearts." He believes that the cultural exchanges between the flowers of ethnic minorities, played a great role, the flowers in the cultural tourism festival stunning debut, will vigorously promote the spread of flower art.

face two: Tibetan flower singer

character: lattice day

card: Flowers Prince Zhu Zhonglu disciple

, as a disciple of Zhu Zhonglu, the prince of flowers, has spent the past 37 years singing flowers from the Tibetan singers, who have become part of his life. He told reporters that the unique flower is that it can make the best, see the mountains sing mountain, water and water sing. The speech, he looked at the shifogou verdant trees, open mouth and interpretation of the song, coherent, beautiful.

flowers in such a large cultural tourism festival debut, so that the combination of civil and professional things, in order to make it in a gradual normalization, systematic premise, more people to accept." Talk about the future of the flowers, Geri is full of confidence, as long as the retention of tradition and keep pace with the times, the flowers will not be forgotten, can have qualified successors.


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