The investment effect of Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau million yuan investment this y

10 month 3 days, reporters from Xining city to emancipate the mind to discuss the activities of the office of the leading group was informed that this year, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau always adhere to the development of emancipating the mind discussion and activities to promote the work closely to ensure that investment has achieved results. As of now, the city has introduced 2.3 Industrial and Commercial Bureau funds billion yuan, of which 3 construction project funds 115 million yuan, 18 new project funds 115 million 400 thousand yuan.

is a good investment, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau set up a leading group of investment, the establishment of investment target responsibility system, the implementation of the project tracking service system, the implementation of the project tracking service responsibility, strengthen the contact with the enterprise, timely solve problems, to fully grasp the progress of projects; and the establishment of investment the investment project of accounting, project name, address, project investors, project funds, funds of each register, adhere to the project return system, visit the project designated on the year of construction and the introduction of new project progress, for investors to solve the difficulties as soon as possible; to create a good investment environment, the city also Industrial and Commercial Bureau the time limit system, service commitment system and open system, and further enhance the investment business based in Xining and Strong business confidence.


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