Xining open selection of leading cadres at the county level to be appointed before any publicity

According to the relevant provisions of the Interim Measures for the Xining municipal Party and government leading cadres before the announcement, the deputy director of the county’s leading cadres who are now publicly selected to be selected as follows:

Wang Weiping, male, Han nationality, Anhui, Fengtai, born in April 1972, Communist Party members, the provincial Party school. Incumbent Deputy Secretary of Xining City Party Committee Organization Department, Secretary of the Work Committee directly under the district. Intends to raise any deputy director of the Xining municipal Party History Research office.

Wang Shengbin, male, Tibetan, Datong, Qinghai, born in August 1972, Communist Party members, University degree. Director, Xining tourism bureau. The director intends to mention the construction of Spiritual Civilization Office of the steering committee of Xining city.

Ma Yu, male, Hui, Qinghai, Xining, born in October 1969, Communist Party members, University degree. Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director of the Public Security Bureau (section). To mention Xining City Public Security Bureau, political commissar of the Public Security Bureau Nanchuan industrial park.

Ma Hailong, male, Hui, Gansu, Linxia, born in March 1976, Communist Party members, the Central Party school. Currently, the director of the Department of social and cultural affairs, Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and television. To mention Xining city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement inspectors battalion.

Dong Xiaoning, male, Han nationality, Shaanxi health people, born in March 1970, NLD members, college degree. Currently, Xining Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring Station (positive section). To mention Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director of Xining city.

Liu Qiangfeng, male, Han nationality, Henan, Yiyang, born in July 1974, Chinese Communist Party members, in-service University degree. Director of the United Front Work Department of Xining municipal Party committee. To mention the Xining Municipal Statistics Bureau deputy director.

publicity time from September 29, 2012 to October 11, 2012. During the publicity, please all the cadres and the masses through calls, letters, visits and other forms of the situation and problems of publicity objects signed in morals, diligence, honesty and other aspects realistically, objectively and fairly reflect.

address: CPC Xining Municipal Organization Department Cadre Supervision Department

zip code: 810000

Tel: 0971-12380

Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department

September 29, 2012


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