Railway station landscape water diversion project completed a comprehensive renovation project has b

January 28th, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Xining, as the focus of the people’s livelihood project in Xining, Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project has completed an investment of 2 billion 20 million yuan, a total investment of $4 billion 820 million. At present, the landscape has built water diversion project, Huangshui River Regulation project.The

project has been completed within the area of water supply and drainage, gas, communications, power line Qiangai tunnel project of Qilian road to mutual Road, and basically completed the main structure of the tunnel through, is implementing the interior decoration and ancillary facilities installation engineering. Station to Lane Republican Road (bridge) project has been completed, the bridge main arch and decorative railings installation engineering. The elevated drop off platform and approach project east of the finished part of abutment, pier pile foundation and pier concrete pouring, on the west side of completion of the project the upper structure of bridge, and part of road subgrade engineering. The highway south of Des Voeux Road has been completed, the drainage pipe road slope and subgrade layer and so on, and the South Square underground space project has been fully completed the main structure, and installation and laying part of fire protection, water supply and drainage, ventilation pipes, cables and other facilities, is the implementation of the main part of interior decoration works.

resettlement area, Hamlet 1, No. 2 resettlement area of 89 residential buildings, a total construction area of 770 thousand square meters, has started construction of 77 buildings, the completion of 60 buildings, construction area of 335 thousand square meters. 10 residential buildings have been completed, the remaining 7 buildings have been the main cap. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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