Province to promote the construction of public credit information sharing platform

in recent years, Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission is committed to promoting our province credit information collection and sharing, sharing and exchange platform to construct a unified credit information, lay the foundation for the realization of credit supervision. As of the end of 2016, our province public credit information sharing and exchange platform "a portal, a platform architecture has been basically formed, the province’s two legal entities and natural person credit subject database establishment, source unit access and data collection and other work has achieved initial results.

2015 at the end of the year, according to the relevant national requirements, our province fully rely on the e-government network and information center computer room environment, hardware and software resources, personnel strength, the construction of the opening of the "sharing platform for the exchange of credit Qinghai" portal, credit information, and the national credit information exchange and sharing platform. 2016, the new version of the portal, credit platform on-line operation.

at the end of last year, the credit data platform docking has covered the first batch of 22 provincial construction units, a total accumulation of various types of credit information data storage more than 19 million 190 thousand. At the same time to clean up the storage information comparison, correlation analysis, the results reported in a timely manner to the national platform, has been reported to the national credit information over 5 million 170 thousand.

in addition, according to the requirements of national and provincial relevant administrative licensing administrative punishment, "7 days double publicity system, the list published, credit information query, relying on the" credit Qinghai "portal, the cumulative release of more than 84 kinds of credit information. As of now, our province has credit platform and the "five card one", "two card integration" and other business systems to achieve effective docking, promote the real-time exchange of corporate basic data, the business sector as the data source of credit data between the quality inspection and taxation, statistics, human society, civil affairs departments and sharing use; promote the real-time exchange of community organizations, to civil affairs as the data source of the marriage registration information between the tax department, quality inspection and sharing, through the channel sharing and exchange of information between departments. Currently, the average daily data exchange platform can reach more than one thousand.


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