Seriously study the report of the CAC and establish the party members’ sense of honest and clean go

recently, Seongbuk civil cases Party branch organizations of the united front of all Party members and cadres held the study, conscientiously study and convey the North District secretary Comrade Wang Jianfeng in the "2012 report of leading cadres honest" to do "from the traditional culture on the Chinese discusses the thinking on" triggered the report, put forward the study report "constantly correct attitude, correctly deal with the four aspects of interests, hobbies, friends, good at choosing restraint" content, branch urged all Party members and cadres cadres should strengthen learning, work hard, cherish the time, cherish the reputation and cherish jobs, self-discipline, at the same time to remind you to keep in mind the sense of purpose, the correct exercise of power, consciously accept supervision, to build a more harmonious and happy New District to make a positive contribution. Guide leading cadres to diligence duties, always maintain the purity of the Communist Party, let the people live a happier life as the greatest pursuit of leading cadres, promoting clean government building depth Chengbei district.
in the study of all Party members and cadres are thought to be in the actual work, specific positions to play the role of Party members, we should strengthen the awareness of Party members, keep in mind the obligations of Party members, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission. Through the study of honest knowledge to remind the education of Party members and cadres to comply with the provisions of self-discipline. Party members and cadres to strengthen the sense of diligence, the purpose of the concept and the level of moral education, and further create a learning cheap, think cheap, Chong Lian, keep cheap, clean atmosphere.


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