Xining has 62 items of intangible cultural heritage

Xining intangible cultural heritage protection work began in 2005, has 8 years. So far, Xining has 62 items of intangible cultural heritage. Among them, the national intangible cultural heritage project 13, provincial intangible cultural heritage project 30, municipal intangible cultural heritage project 19.

in recent years, Xining attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage, based in Qinghai, Xining characteristics of local cultural resources and the status quo, adhere to the "protection and rescue first, rational use of inheritance and development" principle, in-depth excavation of the intangible cultural heritage resources in the overall protection of the Living Heritage as the goal, continue to increase the protection of heritage on the local culture and the reasonable use, the establishment of the four complete protection system, constitute the normative work system, promote the steady development of the intangible cultural heritage protection work. Up to now, Xining national, provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects a total of 62. Among them, the national non heritage items 13 for classic mountain flowers will, Kumbum Monastery suyouhua, Huangyuan, row of lights with gutta Tibetan carpet weaving skills, Xining Xian Xiao, Hehuang shadow play, Qinghai, Qinghai more string string, Huangzhong Duitou, Huangzhong County 1000 camp tower etc.. Non heritage inheritors representative, 5 national heritage, provincial heritage 56, municipal project work and awarding heritage work will be completed within this year.


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