Qinghai medical team went to Burundi bright line activities ended successfully

"thank you very much for helping me see the world and see my relatives and friends. Want to send experts to Burundi, let more people get a chance to see again." This is the Qinghai medical team to Burundi to carry out the "bright line" activities, the 73 year old Enda Bea Loray ray · ophthalmopathy patients; after successful surgery in Kathan progenitor some words from the bottom of the heart. In December 12th, the successful completion of the 9 days of medical assistance tasks, Qinghai bright line medical team to return home, the 182 to help Burundi Guangming ophthalmopathy patients.

by the strong local sunshine and other factors, such as cataract and other eye diseases in Burundi. The capital of Bujumbura is the largest hospital in the country’s largest public hospital, but there is no one eye doctor, but no one can be used for ophthalmic surgery professional equipment. "Bright line" is Chinese government began in 2010 from Africa to carry out free cataract surgery, is an important measure in non cooperation between the two sides in the field of public health. The "bright line" activities for the first time in Burundi, Qinghai medical team not only help the local eye patients to relieve the pain, but also the training of local staff, giving all surgical equipment and related medicine to the hospital.

the bright line event leader, deputy director of the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, said Li Xiaodong, the team of experts to work with the spirit of professionalism and superb skills to win the widespread praise and praise of local patients and peers. Through this action, not only deepen the friendship between the two countries, but also for the future to carry out the operation of the light has accumulated rich experience.


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