Qinghai tourism do cool article three months Jin Jin nine billion and three hundred million

to the beauty of Qinghai, look at the scenery resort to enjoy the cool wind! Summer without air conditioning, refreshing cool weather, and natural resources, human resources, Qinghai tourism has become a very eye-catching advantage of resources, brand resources. Reporters learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau in September 9th, the first 8 months of this year, Qinghai’s total tourism revenue of $12 billion 759 million, an increase of 28.1% over the previous year’s total revenue of $12 billion 375 million. This year, 6, 7, 8 months to embrace gold $9 billion 300 million, accounting for three of the total revenue of the first eight months of 73%.

this summer, the national temperature is generally high, especially in August the national average temperature was highest in 1961. Although the weather statistics show high temperatures in most parts of Qinghai this month, but the average temperature in Qinghai is still far lower than the national average temperature of 22.3 DEG C, xiadou Xining city town and Chinese high-profile into the global city, town, famous list of summer.

housing without air conditioning, eat not the fan fan, without the slightest sweltering air, wherever there is slowly cool breeze gently blowing…… This hot summer, cool weather in Qinghai really live in the fire people envy, from all sides, beautiful scenery, enjoy the cool summer come in a throng of sightseeing leisure vacation are awfully, the monthly increase.

statistics show that the first 8 months of Qinghai tourism reception of tourists at home and abroad, a total of 14 million 193 thousand and 500 passengers, of which, in June, a total of 2 million 285 thousand and 300 passengers, in July soared to 3 million 828 thousand and 900 passengers in August, and then up to more than 3 million 931 thousand and 400 people. Three months 10 million 45 thousand and 600 visitors, not only foreign tourists close to 60%, and in July the amount of inbound tourists throughout the year showed a trend of strong growth, that Qinghai summer tourism has greatly attracted foreign tourists. The weather. Qinghai summer climate not only warm and comfortable, sunny weather and beauty in a landscape of lakes and mountains surrounded by moisture to reach the peak, beautiful wide coverage. Come to Qinghai in summer, every place is full of exciting adventures, every inch of land on the scene gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Taiwan experts travel Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Ma Yaozu said: "Qinghai’s summer ambilight." Netizen Jiangnan rice, said: to Qinghai tourism and know a kind of ‘cool’ beauty."

at the same time, after years of development, Qinghai tourism road traffic modernization, improve the construction of tourism facilities, tour shopping environment, increase the wealth of optimization, food and housing, travel, entertainment, music, purchase "six elements of tourism promotion". Whether on the road or into the scenic spot, regardless of walking the market or visiting the farm, visitors enjoy the convenience of travel, the environment is good, pleasant, as cool weather feel better and better. Because of this, since the summer, Qinghai tourism has full flowering development pattern, the number of tourists and tourism income of Xining, Hainan, Haidong, Haibei all have a new high, the size of the scenic spots tourists bustling, some scenic spots also reversed the decline in tourists in spring.

it is reported that tourism income statistics, including tourists in the course of travel, travel for transportation;

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