Xining efforts to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area

expenditure of 337 million yuan, the implementation of cultural infrastructure construction, to create all kinds of brand cultural activities, enhance the ability of cultural services; design research, promote the reform of the cultural system…… Since March last year, Xining City, the establishment of the national public cultural service system demonstration area was officially launched, the relevant departments take the initiative to take effective measures, the current work to achieve the effectiveness of the various stages of the creation.

this year is Xining city completed a comprehensive demonstration area to create a national public cultural service system work last year for the construction of public cultural service system covering the city of Xining, as a positive, through efforts to accelerate the construction of the library of provinces to build a project and Digital Culture Museum, library, Museum of art, thus completing the city and district two public cultural service facilities construction tasks. During the year we will complete the 15 city culture stage, 14 characteristics of Cultural Square, 50 stage of rural cultural construction tasks, 60% towns, streets and community public electronic reading room standards, to enhance the streets and towns and rural community facilities, the level of public cultural services. In the creation of brand activities to increase efforts to continuously improve the capacity of public cultural services. Through the implementation of the upgrading of the quality of the ten innovative demonstration projects, in-depth excavation and demonstration model, and constantly establish a new path to enhance the effectiveness of public cultural services.


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