Xining’s first air defense workstation into the community

when the city was attacked, the earthquake, the building suddenly collapsed, gas explosion, the public how to help themselves? How to improve their ability to escape? In order to enhance the public awareness of emergency prevention and improve their ability to help themselves, in December 6th, the city’s first civil air defense workstation stationed in Shangri-La community, to build a safe network for residents.

is understood as the community function is increasingly perfect, community residents living more convenient, but when we encounter unexpected situations, people will be confused, busy in error, often causing a greater disaster. Air defense knowledge is very practical for every citizen, residents only grasp certain scientific protection and emergency measures to rescue or self-help. According to the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office of the person in charge, "Shangri-La civil air defense community workstation" was established, marking the city community I started the work of civil air defense, it is the community publicity and education work, the civil air defense evacuation system and mass air disaster prevention organization construction work and provide an effective platform, is an important bridge for civil air defense departments and Community Residents Association, community residents to enhance the concept of national defense and the defense awareness, and constantly improve the community capacity of disaster prevention and mitigation play a positive role in promoting.


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