Xining West District to carry out environmental remediation of the public should not walk the dog in

Environmental remediation work conference

reporter from the West District of Xining city held that, for even the day to walk the dog, sunning Plaza stall on more staff, the actual situation, sunning Plaza is seriously affected by the environment today, the west area according to the "Regulations" management of Xining dog regulations do not allow public in Xinning square dog or stall. At the same time, the spirit of "close to the public, serve the public, benefit the people" principle, but also the public a good leisure environment.

into the summer, more and more people go to sunning Plaza leisure, so the dog walking in the square, the phenomenon is also set up stall, a serious impact on the square environment. In addition, the west side of the city night environment is not optimistic, affecting the image of Xining. To solve the above problems, Chengxi District arrangement District Urban Management Bureau, love health office and is a town of five, enacted to strengthen the city management system at night, and every night in 6 points to 10 points, the organization personnel patrol in the area of the main street, market, intensify the management of city environment at night the. In addition, in order to improve the grade of the city area, West District will be building all kinds of governance belonged to the advertising, focus on the regulation of the main street, no management of the building body advertisement. (author: Wu Yachun)


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