War between the electricity supplier is not only the weight of the price war

eleven has just passed, no smoke of war between the major electricity supplier temporarily came to an end, when it comes to the competition among electricity providers, given the impression everyone is a simple price war, in fact, between the electricity supplier of the war strategy is not to be underestimated.

The essence of logic


1. access: through the content and social relationships will dilute the flow cost, in order to obtain a lower cost than traditional electricity supplier;

2. retained: the interests of the community, such as the core of the mouth or the media, to enhance the stickiness of the user / price sensitive users ratio;

PGC and UGC dispute decision: heavy siege heavy armour, long tail fire weapon

The head of

PGC model standard in decision making, may have the effect of siege armor. One of the considerations of the operation of PGC is between P terminal and platform, the initial platform relies on these P can bring traffic to guide, and the P terminal on the platform’s appeal is P with other common change, with the fast platform to fame and fortune. The platform’s development potential, influencing the size of P have fled the speed of the platform, in other words, the pace of development for the viscous P end entirely from the platform itself.

for social electricity supplier may for non-standard products, the long tail has amazing shooting ability, pass through word-of-mouth recommendation

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