West contact will be 25 billion 100 million yuan project landing

  reporter from Xining city in September 12th to discuss the development of investment will focus on the contract signing ceremony was informed that the talks, signed a total of 68 projects, contracted 25 billion 133 million yuan of funds; signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement signed 2 projects, 12 billion 880 million yuan of funds; signed required land auction and further clarify the main contents of the project 11 signed, 13 billion 320 million yuan of funds.

it is understood that the Dalian Wanda Group, Beijing, Chinese Jia Fei Yongtai real estate group will join the Xining investment and construction, Haiyan Road commercial complex, Qinghai property group projects and a number of large commercial complex project and promote Xining’s industrial development projects fall flowering. In strengthening exchanges, enhance understanding, promote projects, seek common development and achieve win-win situation on the basis of the domestic and foreign merchants gathered during the talks to negotiate, actively contracting projects. We launched the city of Xining investment projects to be more concerned about the construction of the city, so the contract to negotiate the city’s largest construction projects, a total of 39. Sea lake core area of commercial pedestrian street, Delingha Road area transformation, 54 West Road, the commercial development of a number of projects will be built in Xining livable, appropriate industry, should travel, pleasant life of the city to inject fresh blood. Especially the Qaidam Road commercial residential, Xinning square on the west side of the city complex development, south of the city complex and a number of city commercial complex project, will make more high-quality city complex near Xining, Xining, gathered popularity, can enhance the quality of the city with more intensive.

contracted projects, industrial development projects 8; cultural tourism projects of the 19; trade and circulation of the project of the 7; agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry projects, the land auction of 5 pieces of 3. Integrated car park project, ethnic food shopping tour street, Qinghai cultural and Creative Industrial Park, a number of projects such as the new cinema will give the audience a special surprise.

according to reports, the signing of the project conforms to the national industrial policy, in line with the green, low carbon, accumulation and circulation requirements, to achieve a breakthrough in the quality of new projects for industrial transformation and upgrading, construction of new city construction and industrial system, build inland open economy in West Highland to lay a solid foundation. (author: Xiao Yu)


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