Bus passenger transport market special rectification briefing two

bus passenger market regulation

special report


second phase


bus passenger market rectification leading group office 2008 10 June 20



bus passenger transport market suffered



I started with the

city bus passenger transport market special rectification work, the joint law enforcement team to overcome the shortage of personnel, investigation difficult practical difficulties, in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the special rectification work leading group, conducted a thorough investigation, the masses continue to use a variety of ways, the "black car" phenomenon of illegal trading investigation Mopai focus on the city, the train station, the road of the "black car" gathering point centralized clean-up regulation.

in the renovation process, the East District of unity hostel parking lot there are still more than 30 vehicles "green B" licence of the minibus, without any road passenger transport operations formalities, to pull the "fit" (pulled minority customers) way to engage in illegal business activities. These black car drivers over the Department of minorities, law enforcement officers went to law enforcement inspection, they deliberately use minority languages, with the language barrier and with each other passengers channeling and blocking way, to avoid law enforcement, increase the difficulty of the work of special rectification. Accordingly, special rectification Leading Group Office of the more than 30 vehicles Mopai "black car" list by the rectification of the first joint law enforcement group, to take further effective measures to carry out remediation work in accordance with the law. At the same time, because these vehicles, Ji Haidong "green B" vehicles will also Chaogu Haidong Prefecture yunguanchu to be dealt with according to law.













this period: the Provincial Communications Department office, the Provincial Transportation Bureau, the office of the municipal office, the municipal government information office, municipal office city;

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