Comprehensively promote the responsibility system of food security in our province

12 16, the reporter learned from the province’s annual assessment of food safety responsibility system to promote the meeting was informed that the successful completion of the province’s food safety responsibility for the year 2016 pre assessment work in. Clearly, by consolidating and improving grain production capacity, strengthen the grain circulation management mechanism innovation ability construction, grain reserves, and improve the grain market early warning and emergency system construction and other measures to improve food security capacity in our province. Responsibility assessment is an important starting point to ensure food security, all regions and relevant departments to strengthen organizational leadership, the main responsibility for the implementation of the assessment, high standards to complete the assessment objectives and tasks.

provincial government attaches great importance to food safety work, always firmly put food safety in the important position of the province’s economic development and social stability, the assessment of food safety responsibility system in an important schedule, and included in the provincial government focus on working ledger and provincial government focus on supervision work of the State Council issued "on the implementation of the establishment of food safety responsibility system implementation opinions", the governor of Qinghai province "the implementation of food safety responsibility system assessment methods" and a series of documents, to further clarify the government at all levels to maintain national food security right and responsibility.

it is reported that the province will continue to adhere to the most stringent farmland protection system, adhere to the red line of arable land, the implementation of the Tibetan grain in the land, the Tibetan grain in technology strategy, improve food production capacity. The implementation of high standard farmland construction planning, vigorously develop water-saving agriculture and dry farming, the promotion of energy-saving technology and formula fertilization by soil testing, rational exploitation of agricultural resources, promote the circulation of agricultural technology, improve the utilization efficiency of grain production resources, vigorously carry out the green grain yield and yield model research, increase food production, increase farmers’ income.

at the same time, will be in strict accordance with the national food safety governor responsibility system and "food security project planning, according to the actual demand and forecast of development of grain production, storage, processing, circulation and consumption, combined with the grain storage and logistics system has been formed, earnestly implement the plan implementation of the province’s food security project, transformation and maintenance a new batch of modern grain storage and logistics equipment. In view of the current residents of our province and farmers actual deposit less grain, speeding up the exploration and establishment of combination of government and society of the cascade of grain reserve mechanism, support and encourage diverse market players eligible to participate in the administration of grain reserves related work. At the same time, will promote the intelligent construction of food information, and comprehensively improve the ability of early warning and monitoring of food emergency response, to ensure that the grain market supply and price stability. In addition, it will strengthen food quality and safety supervision, the establishment of administrative law enforcement linkage mechanism, from the field to the table, the whole process of supervision, improve food quality and safety inspection and monitoring capabilities.


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