Our city for information publicity busy charging

October 1st, the Provisional Regulations on corporate information disclosure promulgated by the State Council "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") and the State Administration for Industry and commerce to develop the" operation exception list Interim Measures "," corporate public information checks "," Interim Measures for individual industrial and Commercial Households Annual Report Interim Measures "and related regulations will be officially implemented. As in the "Regulations" and related regulations of the content of publicity to the private enterprise, September 29th, province, province Industrial and Commercial Bureau SEPEA related regulations for special counseling for the city of more than 350 members of a private enterprise.

tutorial introduces the enterprise does not fulfill the obligations required by the credit constraints and supervision, as well as how the enterprise credit constraints after credit repair. That the company fails to fulfill the obligation will be included in the list of operating anomalies or a list of serious illegal enterprises, will be affected by sectoral linkage of credit constraints, government procurement, project bidding, the state-owned land, awarded the honorary title of work, will be in accordance with the law to restrict or prohibit. In addition, the provincial Trade and Industry Bureau is also responsible for the operation of the company’s annual reporting system, the annual report of the steps for everyone to conduct a detailed guidance.


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