Made in Xining more and more

Apple mobile phone battery from Xining, the world’s leading whitening products from Xining, with the world’s leading technology of photovoltaic components from Xining…… When the new industry in Xining encountered a series of perfect supporting policies and development environment, Xining (National) new industrial products of economic and Technological Development Zone gushed with surprise, a new era of "Xining is built" the cradle.

February 21st, the Development Zone biotechnology industry park, many new industrial enterprises have started a new year orders processing. From the initial sorting, rough initial to now use high-tech especially independent research and development of science and technology of deep processing products, the formation of all the industrial chain, the development zone has made great efforts in creating the national new industrialization demonstration base. This year, the zone will continue to support the development of new industries, centralized industry, policy, personnel, capital, services and other resources and conditions, in accordance with market demand, training and the introduction of leading enterprises, strengthen the core technology development and production of products, improving product technology content and added value. Among them, the new energy industry in solar photovoltaic and photothermal and lithium-ion battery, new materials to electronic materials, new materials, new chemical materials, give full play to the comparative advantages of resources and industrial base, extend the industrial chain, the formation of a number of independent intellectual property rights, strong core competitiveness, market share and business high group. At the same time, the city of Xining and the development zone will also in investment, investment (cited) capital, with talent, technology services and other aspects of sync up, set up a special fund to focus on breakthroughs in new energy, new materials restrict the development of common technology and key technology. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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