The most beautiful autumn before the National Day holiday five days were million people visit the Qi

the lake to see the sunset, see this watch Hagdon play, in September 30th, the "West Sea metropolis" launched the "looking for the most beautiful autumn Qinghai" activities, so many plans in the house of the Qinghai people have to move the heart, drive out, pursue the most beautiful autumn in Qinghai. And a lake in the Qinghai Lake has become one of the most tourist attractions. Five days before the National Day holiday, the average daily visitors around Qinghai Lake, really earned a bowl full of pots.

10 month 2 days early in the morning, Zhang Jidong of Qinghai and his family started early, drove to the 109 National Road, to the north along the line of Qinghai Lake, Zhang Jidong’s wife was still holding the "west city newspaper" said: "there are no wrong route." Zhang Jidong said with a smile: "how could go wrong, the signs along the road is clear." To about 10 in the morning, Zhang Jidong with his parents, his wife and children, a family of people have come to the door of the scenic area of the Erlang sword to the door of the five.

at this time, the scene has been lined up Erlang sword gate, parking lot has been parked around the self driving license. Zhang Jidong said: Although the couple home more than and 40 years old, more than and 10 years old boy, but haven’t been to Qinghai Lake, these years even to go to both South Korea and Thailand can be home in front of the knee, beauty always in there, think how have the opportunity. The National Day holiday, had no intention of tourism. But the national day before the "West Sea metropolis" "looking for the most beautiful scenery scenic spots to promote Qinghai", to find out, also can relax, play beauty, and so his wife, take advantage of the holiday, many visiting several scenic spots in Qinghai.

and Zhang Jidong hold the same idea there are a lot of people, Jiro sword scenic staff, this year’s National Day golden week, many people go on a family trip. Qinghai people pay close attention to the family, naturally love lively, therefore, a lot of people’s family travel or even a tourist bus package.

"by the National Day Golden Week holiday economy and the" West Sea metropolis "looking for the most beautiful Qinghai autumn promotion double positive impact, from October 1st onwards, the Qinghai Lake scenic tourists increased significantly after October 2nd, began to surge to more than 10 thousand people, at present, the tourists to Qinghai local and surrounding Shan Gan Ning and other places, self drive tourism has become the main." Qinghai Lake scenic relevant person in charge, at present, Qinghai Lake scenic tourist reception has experienced a peak period, the province has become a bright spot driving.

recommend looking for Qinghai the most beautiful autumn also let us realize timely publicity, promotion is very important. In the future, we will be the theme of the different seasons of Qinghai Lake as the theme, in the four seasons of Qinghai Lake, launched a variety of activities." Qinghai Lake scenic area is related to the person in charge, after the launch of the most beautiful autumn in the Qinghai Lake scenic area, the timely adjustment of scenic theme activities, the introduction of more tourists to see the sunset, a bonfire tour of Qinghai Lake in Qinghai activity package, in the national holiday, very good response, many people read the newspaper from the hospitality of the scenic area is also for infection, which led to the scenic Lake, lodging, travel and entertainment all in one service.


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