Xining tax system new enterprise income tax law publicity week curtain

February 25th, according to the State Administration of Taxation and Local Taxation Bureau of Qinghai province Qinghai province unified deployment, Xining Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Xining City Joint stadium in Xining held a "learning new tax law, the implementation of the new tax law" as the theme of the enterprise income tax law publicity week launch ceremony, opened the new tax system in Xining city "enterprise income tax law" propaganda week curtain.


activities in order to promote public knowledge of tax law is the premise to improve taxpayer compliance with tax law as the focus, with rich and colorful activities as the carrier, the provincial and Municipal Bureau of leadership with the Municipal People’s Congress, governments, CPPCC, municipal law office, City Federation of industry and Commerce of the relevant leaders attended the ceremony and publicity week. Zero distance with the tax cadres and the masses to the communication, the launching ceremony of the listed party secretary Chen Zongxuan IRS published ebullience speech, Xining municipal government deputy mayor Comrade Yan Fuguo announced the Xining city in the new "enterprise income tax law" publicity week service to enterprise activities ceremony officially began, then the more than and 20 car floats through propaganda the city and to the enterprise site promotion.

Tax cadres

publicity more than 200 snowstorm hit the main venue of the propaganda team, composed of more than and 20 mobile publicity floats and hanging on both sides of the main venue of a number of promotional banners, posters Vicenza, promotional activities by the main venue of the Xining stadium big screen of the new tax law for continuous scrolling, on the first day of activities totaling more than 1200 copies of promotional materials, answer tax consulting hundreds of times, produced a good publicity effect.

The Local Taxation Bureau

three District County State Taxation Bureau, will also be combined in the area according to the actual situation to carry out promotional activities. In the publicity week will be held on enterprise income tax and corporate income tax law will be training at the same time, the news media will also increase the continuous coverage of the new "enterprise income tax law" key reports and publicity week, really play to "learn the new law, the implementation of the new tax law publicity" service to enterprises as the theme. (author: Wang Shushan, Zhao Weiwen / photo)


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