Xining City Board of education in 2009 to recruit teachers to prepare for the interview

April 29th afternoon, the reporter from the city of Xining to recruit teachers work leading group learned that the Xining Municipal Bureau of education in 2009 for the public to recruit teachers to prepare for the interview.

participate in the registration of the total number of teachers in the recruitment examination for 2658 people, 1001 people through the written examination, enter the interview, they will participate in the competition for 33 schools, 37 professional posts 279. From April 29th to 30, making the interview work plan and report to the leadership team to review the school recruitment interview work; in May 4th 10, the candidates to apply for the school report, check the interview work; from May 5th to 13, the school recruitment interview work in groups according to the specified time; in May 14th, determined to be recorded list according to the comprehensive score, and statistical recruitment of vacant positions; May 15th at 3:30 in the afternoon, announced the list of candidates interview scores, comprehensive scores and personnel to be hired.

it is understood that the interview will adhere to open, fair, fair, competitive and two-way choice, the principle of school autonomy. The implementation of the "three unified, four supervision and investigation" system, namely, the unified program, unified proposition, unified standard for evaluation, parental supervision, supervision, discipline inspection and supervision personnel on behalf of the teachers, the mutual supervision, to recruitment problems will be the main unit, school leaders and the relevant responsible persons. At the same time, the work of the leading group on the interview work procedures, supervision and inspection carried out strict regulations and deployment.

in order to better accept social supervision, recruitment of teachers work leading group announced the supervision of telephone: 8230214, 6163992, 4393016


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