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women early menarche (12 years old to menstruation), late menopause (50 years after menopause), long period (more than 35 years), is a recognized risk factors. Statistics show that the age of menarche each advance 4 to 5 years, the risk of breast cancer increased 1 times; the age of menarche in 13 ~ 15 years old, suffering from breast cancer opportunities than those below 12 years old 20%. >

second: late breast-feeding women is likely to develop breast cancer

this is because every time pregnant women after abortion, pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, hormone levels plummet, the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, the smaller acini and even disappear, breast reconstruction.

fourth: late menarche or menopause before the age of 13

therefore, modern women should improve their self health care consciousness, advocate late marriage and childbearing, but also should not be too late, women get married before the age of 28. To promote breastfeeding, reasonable diet and strengthen physical exercise and other scientific life style, pay attention to keep the mind open, avoid depression, anger, maintain good physical and mental health. These are essential to reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

There are four kinds of

data show that the risk of women suffering from the disease have never given birth than women who have given birth to 30% high risk; not lactating women suffering from the disease than lactating women 1.5 times higher; pregnancy primipara over the age of 35, the relative risk of breast cancer is 30 years old the following pregnancy primipara 3 ~ 4 times!

third kinds of people: hyperplasia of mammary glands for many years

repeated abortion will increase the likelihood of breast cancer in women. A study shows that natural abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and 18 year old women who had abortions were higher than those who did not have an abortion.

breast hyperplasia: a strange temper is unclear edge appear breast masses; two is premenstrual breast tenderness, and radiation to the shoulders or back, sometimes very uncomfortable; the three is the possibility of cancer occurrence, especially to cystic hyperplasia type, it is said the canceration rate in 0.35%; four is the treatment for a long time, hyperplasia of drug sensitivity is poor, or that are still lack of cure. Therefore, the proliferation of breast cancer in today’s modern science has made many doctors feel difficult, but also many women feel confused.

and this recovery is usually incomplete, easy to cause breast lumps and pain, can induce breast disease, repeated breast lesions can become the cause of breast cancer.

the first kind of people: repeated abortion surgery

breast cancer is a malignant tumor in the incidence of a relatively high, in the global scope, its incidence rate is the highest, Chinese incidence is relatively low, but the year by 2% to 5% growth rate. It is estimated that China now has about 100 thousand of patients with breast cancer each year, the number of deaths is from 40 thousand to 50 thousand, so the mortality rate is relatively high.

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