Turkmenistan entrepreneurs to find business opportunities

in the country "The Belt and Road" strategy under the background of Xining City, as an important node in the Silk Road, its charm and development opportunities are grow with each passing day. October 19th, by the Turkmenistan Federation of industrial enterprises in Beijing, Ann Nam Mai Tov, head of the delegation of 9 people to visit our city, with the relevant departments and enterprises in the city conducted extensive exchanges and docking.

on the morning of the municipal government held a joint meeting, the delegation of Turkmenistan have expressed their willingness to cooperate with the city. An inclusive Mamaituofu said, "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, bring great development opportunities for Turkmenistan and Xining City, the interconnection between the two places can not be replaced. Anne Na Mamaituofu and members of the delegation respectively introduces the operation situation, Turkmenistan industrial enterprise alliance project of their own business situation and the national policy of tax policy, expressed in industry, modern agriculture, construction, textile, food, trade and other fields in our city and cooperation intention, and hope that Xining enterprises to invest in Turkmenistan.

said that this is the second time he came to Xining in July this year, and sincerely hope to establish a stable long-term cooperation mechanism with Xining. Security said that from the government level to the direct exchanges between enterprises, the economic and trade cooperation between the city of Turkmenistan and Xining channels more direct and convenient, more clear and specific cooperation between the two sides.

relevant departments and units and enterprises in the city, and the delegation of the Federation of industrial enterprises in Turkmenistan, on the issue of common concern for the cooperation of a wide range of exchanges and docking.


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