The completion of 13 rural roads in our city

to further enhance the depth of rural roads, improve road conditions, convenient public travel, city traffic bureau in close contact with the masses, 13 rural roads organization multi force to historical re construction. November 11th, the 13 rural roads (bridge) project successfully passed the acceptance, and will be put into use recently, which is the day of the reporter learned from the municipal transportation bureau.

it is reported that the completion of the acceptance of the 13 rural road (bridge) projects were started construction projects from 2006 to 2008, the total mileage of 324.201 km, with a total investment of $195 million 404 thousand and 300. Including Datong County, Datong County Chengguan first bridge of small industry in Datong County Hualin highway, to Datong County Yangshan old Zhuang Road, West Road, Chengguan dam to Liu Jia Zhuang Road, Huangzhong county to the first camp Dan Ma Road, Huangzhong County, LAN long mouth to Li Shan Ma Ying Cun, Huangzhong County, and the highway to what he Huangzhong county general highway, village to Tian Zhai three road, the suburb of Xining City Road, Nanshan Road framework (a), Nanshan Road framework (two), fire Ditch Bridge City District South Road, Xining City, unitary hill. The completion of acceptance provisions Committee according to the requirements of the Department of transportation, the scene of the road and bridge group were detected, reviewed the industry data, listened to the report, in accordance with the provisions of the quality of the projects and the construction unit has made an objective assessment of the individual project quality defects were considered, and put forward the relevant decisions and recommendations finally, after a comprehensive review and acceptance commission scores, the 13 rural road (bridge) construction project successfully passed the final acceptance, and will be officially put into use recently.


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