Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce timely arrangements for the supply of salt in major supermarkets

Recently, due to the impact of Japan’s nuclear power plant accident caused by the earthquake, the country more than a rush to buy salt, leading to salt out of stock

recently, due to the impact of the earthquake caused by the Japanese nuclear power plant accident, the country more than a rush to buy salt, resulting in salt out of stock. March 17th, the city’s major supermarkets also appeared to buy salt phenomenon. In accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, in order to ensure salt supply, maintaining the normal market order, to ensure that the people’s basic life is not affected, the morning of March 18th, my bureau promptly convene 100, Ning food, green, Wangfujing, Hualian, Hui Hakka, Huarun, textiles, good neighbors, Huangzhong and other key tamie sunrise supermarket and Datong salt the company responsible person held a meeting about salt supply and supply organization, and the recent good edible salt supply work carried out specific arrangements and requirements of the supermarket in our city: one is to increase the supply organization efforts to arrange responsible for strengthening the cohesion and the supplier, as soon as possible to organize the normal supply of edible salt, ensure the edible salt not out of stock, continue to stall; two is to maintain the market order, not price gouging, hoarding and profiteering, strict implementation of national pricing, not to mention Price, price, actively cooperate with relevant government departments, increase inspection efforts, as far as possible to meet the needs of the masses; the three is to intensify propaganda, correctly guide the consumer related content right by radio, posters, edible billboards and other introduction and promotion, to eliminate the psychological fear of the masses; the four is to strengthen market monitoring, abnormal phenomenon hoarding, timely information submitted to the local government and the Department of commerce.

today there is still a long queue of people to buy the phenomenon, but the situation has eased, the supermarkets are stepping up the organization of supply to meet the needs of the public. At the same time, I strengthen the Bureau and the provincial, city salt company communication links, increase the supply of salt for major supermarkets. Currently, adequate food salt stocks, can fully meet the city’s supply.






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