Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee to carry out the investigation of the legislation of

is an important speech to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping at the Forum on the work of philosophy and social science conference spirit, to "Qinghai Province Social Science Popularization Ordinance (Draft)" the drafting demonstration work, June 1st to 2, the provincial people’s Congress deputy party secretary, deputy director of Suning led part of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, education and science members of the committee, the relevant departments of the Provincial Association of Social Sciences and responsible comrades of the research group in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Tongren County, Qinghai National University of our province social science popularization legislative research.


research group has in Tongren County and Qinghai Nationalities University held a forum, listened to the state and County People’s Congress Standing Committee, the relevant government departments, grass-roots deputies, social workers and relevant experts and scholars and other aspects of the bill’s opinions and suggestions, and some key and difficult problems involved in the bill for interpretation and explanation.

Su Ning pointed out that, according to the legislative proposals put forward on behalf of the province’s social science popularization of special legislation for the popularization of social science to provide legal protection is necessary. We should conscientiously absorb the views and suggestions put forward by the people to further revise and improve the bill, so that the regulations are more local and operational. At the same time, to learn the spirit of the general secretary speech as a guide, and promote our province social science popularization legislation process, and strive in a relatively short period of time in accordance with the statutory procedures to the provincial people’s Congress for consideration, to fill gaps in the social sciences in our province of local legislation.


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