My vision of the people in the eyes of the eighteen Xining’s 24 hours

Eighteen victory held, the province’s people feel excited. Even Japan, we interviewed provincial different industry workers, they work on their own hard work, dedication, busy and happy, with practical action to implement the spirit of eighteen. Xining 24 hours, is composed of these ordinary workers……

let you eat hot catch face

prepared materials, making a bowl of scratching the surface in less than 1 minutes, the absolute fast food. The boss said, such a face, in the noodle shop every day to sell more than and 200 bowls. Every day and more than and 70 pounds of noodles, so much, one day can be sold out." Yang Yuqin said.

"every day about 6 in the morning began to work for an hour or so can be completed in a few days, this leaves a lot of wind and big bad sweep. Today, the west side of the street arranged for 15 people to clean up." Lee ramie rubbed his hands, and then began to work again.

downsun to send west city newspaper

in November 10th, when the morning sun on the streets of Xining, Zhao Bangqi, the west city newspaper distributor, has been installed a day to the delivery of newspapers,;

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