Discovery Chopsticks Chinese fast food franchise need how many money

China fast-food market behind the A new force suddenly rises. has its inevitability, because this era is undergoing a transformation of the internet. The fast food market so the business prospects, what are you waiting for, to choose a suitable for their own brand, to start your own business to get rich! Before to recommend a discovery Chopsticks Chinese fast food franchises. There are a lot of people do not know the cost of joining the brand, so here Xiaobian for everyone to make the following specific introduction.


joined the Chinese fast food chopsticks need how many money?

Chongqing main city:

join fee: 120 thousand

service fee: 12 thousand

capital city:

join fee: 98 thousand

service fee: 10 thousand

prefecture level city:

join fee: 78 thousand

service fee: 8 thousand

hundred counties:

join fee: 73 thousand

service fee: 7 thousand

general counties:

join fee: 63 thousand

service fee: 6 thousand

remarks: margin unified 5000 yuan contract expires refund

join process:

first step: consult the project

preliminary consultation: through the official website and telephone to understand

depth understanding: to the headquarters to do field visits to determine investment intentions.

second step: determine the cooperation

way, signed a contract to join the start

two, the intention of signing the contract (no site, area reserved protection), signed a formal contract

third step: building support

site selection evaluation, design renovation program, decoration construction, acceptance decoration, opening preparation

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