Chase does not let the interests of the masses suffer losses

Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, Datong county Party organizations at all levels and discipline inspection departments to firmly stick to the "four winds" problem, starting from the people most concerned about, the most urgent problem, make great efforts to solve the people around the masses strongly unwholesome tendencies, the deduction of property, against the interests of rural residents, and other outstanding issues, centralized inventory processing, to ensure that the results of educational practice to implement most people’s interests are not affected by the loss.

it is reported that this year, Datong county Party conference was reduced by 13% compared with the previous year. In the name of the county government issued a document than last year decreased by 18%. Clean up the county to assess the recognition of the 30 items of standards, compressed three funds of $530 thousand, adjusted to clean up the office space of over 3905.02 square meters.  

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